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Seton students grow and learn in an atmosphere where education of the whole child – mind, body, and soul – is fundamental, where the curriculum is enhanced by the complement of faith.

Educating Students in the Catholic Faith

The Catholic Church has developed guidelines over the years to ensure the uniqueness of Catholic schools. They are to make the Christian faith “living, conscious and active,” and to create a sacred atmosphere in each school.

Catholic schools have strong academic programs and communities of faith because of the consistent support and encouragement of parents. Parents send their children to Catholic schools because they need and expect an environment supportive of a commitment already established at home to educate children in academic subjects, in religious instruction, and in moral values.

The student is the reason for the Catholic school. Children and young adults need careful guidance to be able to make morally mature decisions. In this area of values, Catholic schools are proven to be of great service to students by effectively teaching the principles of right and wrong. Guiding students in decision-making is the most solemn and sensitive area of teaching.

Seton Catholic School has moved boldly forward in the faithful direction of a Catholic school worthy of its name with strong support from Bishop Anthony M. Pilla (ret.) of the Diocese of Cleveland, diocesan education personnel, local clergy and religious, and experienced principal, Mrs. Karen Alestock.