PTO - Looking Forward

Our committee chairpersons are busy planning all through the school year.  Many volunteers have signed up to join the committees and help - and we can always use more!  Below is an overview with information on what is being planned and how to get involved. 

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Passive Fundraiser Committee:  This committee will be working on the following:

  • Box Tops for Education
  • Giant Eagle card registration
  • Heinen Card registration
  • Acme receipt collection (during community cash back program)
  • Dine to Donate nights at local restaurants
  • Shopping days… and MORE!

Click here for a concise list of passive fundraising programs and how to participate.

Click here for the PTO Check Request Form!

Service Committee:  This committee will be coordinating new “service days” for Seton’s parents and students. This committee also coordinates support for the St. Nick Shop, scheduled for December and the Recycled Uniform Sale, scheduled for January and the end of the year.

Enrichment Committee:   This committee will lead the effort to bring in speakers on topics of interest to our parents.  Watch for information on future presentations.

Teacher Supports Committee:  This committee coordinates a wide range of supports for teachers including monthly hospitality, Christmas and year-end gifts from parents and others.  Watch Seton Notes and the backpack for details!  Click here for letter from PTO.

Social Committee:  This committee sets the social calendar!  We’re looking forward to the Welcome Back Dads and Sons Night, our Welcome Back Mom's Night Out event, Breakfast with Santa in December and lots of fun events during Catholic Schools Week!

Go Green Committee:  This committee leads this important and fun initiative for Seton.  Look for an update soon on the great work of students, teachers, and parents with our lunch and school recycling programs!

We’d love to hear your feedback about our committees.  If you have any questions or would like to get involved, feel free to contact the committee chairpersons or contact our Seton PTO Board. 

Catholic Schools Week:

  • Opening Day Celebration Mass
  • Open House
  • Parent Appreciation Day
  • Staff Appreciation Day
  • Faith Appreciation Day
  • Community Appreciation Day
  • Student Appreciation Day
  • Basket Raffle
  • Family Bingo Night

Field Day  
Field Day is a fun day for the classes to participate in outdoor games. Lunch is provided by PTO and classes make individual plans for the afternoon.

Room Parent Committee
Each classroom needs parent helpers for parties, activities, and NTR and PTO fundraisers throughout the year. Room Parents are selected at the beginning of the school year. 

Recycled Uniform Sale
Any time during the school year, gently used and practically new uniform components may be sent to school. Recycled Uniform Sales will take place at the beginning of the year in August, mid-year and end of year. Volunteers are always needed to help during the sale.
School Supply Sale
PTO volunteers will have your required school supplies ready for pick-up in August before the new academic year begins.  Orders will be taken for this service before the end of the current school year.  

"What is it that makes Seton so great? Is it the way our Principal knows each student by name? The mission statement and prayer read each morning? The birthday greeting in the announcements? The sense of holiness that resonates throughout the school because the Chapel is a step away from the classroom? The genuine student engagement in school Masses? I say it is all of these things and much more!"
- Seton Parent