Mission & Governance

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Education of the whole person involves offering a wide range of activities. CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) sponsored sports such as soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, track and field, baseball, and cheerleading are available through the Seton Athletic Association (SAA).

THANK YOU!!  The SAA is only successful because of the hard work and volunteer efforts of our board, commissioners, coaches and managers.  Please take a moment and thank someone involved in the SAA sports program for their time and efforts on behalf of our student-athletes


2016 - 2017 SAA Board Members 

Jeff Kula, Chair 

Chris Pavlo, Vice Chair

Jude Kundla, Secretary

Beth Lippert & Shannon Kosko, Registrars

Tom Morgan, Athletic Director/Pastoral Designee

Jeff Schapel, Tournament Director

Kesh Srinivasan, Treasurer


"We are grateful on a daily basis that somehow we were led to Seton. Our long one-way commute often involves multiple trips. With the demanding commitment the travel time has placed on our family, not one of us has ever questioned the value of what we get from Seton and why we are making the commitment." - Seton Parent