Mission & Governance

The All-School PTO Meeting was held with election of officers on May 18, 2017.  Election of officers for 2017-18:  Mrs. Kristin Lewis, Vice President and Mrs. Lauren Owcarz, Secretary.  Thank you to Mrs. Cassie Frammartino for her time, talent, and service as former PTO President for Seton Catholic School.

President Mrs. Jessie Bartlett
Vice-President Mrs. Kristin Lewis
Treasurer Ms. Lisa Christen
Secretary Mrs. Lauren Owcarz
Principal Mrs. Karen Alestock



"What is it that makes Seton so great? Is it the way our Principal knows each student by name? The mission statement and prayer read each morning? The birthday greeting in the announcements? The sense of holiness that resonates throughout the school because the Chapel is a step away from the classroom? The genuine student engagement in school Masses? I say it is all of these things and much more!" - Seton Parent