Mission & Governance

The All-School PTO Meeting was held with election of officers on May 19, 2016.  Election of officers for 2016-17:  Mrs. Jessie Bartlett, Vice President and Ms. Lisa Christen, Treasurer.  Thank you to Mrs. Heather O'Brien for her time, talent, and service as former PTO President for Seton Catholic School.

President Mrs. Cassie Frammartino
Vice-President Mrs. Jessie Bartlett
Treasurer Ms. Lisa Christen
Secretary Mrs. Alison McKenna
Principal Mrs. Karen Alestock



"We are grateful on a daily basis that somehow we were led to Seton. Our long one-way commute often involves multiple trips. With the demanding commitment the travel time has placed on our family, not one of us has ever questioned the value of what we get from Seton and why we are making the commitment." - Seton Parent