TRIP Tuition Reduction Program

T.R.I.P. Tuition Reduction Incentive Program

Families can save money on tuition simply by using gift cards purchased through school to do everyday shopping! Each gift card contains a percentage rebate which has a portion credited to your family's TRIP account at Seton. With each gift card purchased, you build up TRIP credits to be applied toward tuition. Just use these gift cards instead of cash when doing your daily shopping and save money on tuition! You can select from over 250 merchants.

New to the TRIP Program?

  • TRIP Informational Flyer (pdf) - Contains complete details on the TRIP program.
  • All current and prospective families can start saving today!
  • Click here to visit the TRIP website.  
  • Don’t need the rebate?  Consider participating and directing your credits to the Seton Tuition Assistance Fund!
  • Friends and Family can help you save!  Give them your New TRIP Account number which is created when you Sign-up, Login & Add TRIP Account.  Ask them to Sign-up, Login and “Link” to your TRIP account.  It’s just that easy!

Trip School Schedule 2018-2019

TRIP orders due online by 7:00 a.m. on Monday each week and are delivered the same week on Thursday morning.

Pick-up TRIP orders after 12:00 pm/Noon on Thursday each week.   You may elect to send orders home with your student or another individual at time of check-out.

Orders can be placed weekly year-round with the following weeks having E*Certificate orders only:


            Last TRIP order for pick up before Thanksgiving:  November 13  Pick-up:  November 15

            No TRIP orders or delivery Thanksgiving week:  November 19-23

            TRIP Orders placed between Nov. 14 & Nov. 23 will be delivered on November 30


            Last order placed before Christmas:   December 10

            Last order pickup before Christmas:   December 13


First 2019 TRIP order placed:  January 7

Spring Break:

            No TRIP orders placed or delivered the week of Spring Break.

            Orders placed during Spring Break will be delivered April 5.

School Ends:

            Last school year order due:    May 28, 2018

            Last school year delivery:      May 31, 2018

Summer TRIP Program - order gift cards all summer long!!  Filled orders will be available for pick-up from a TRIP representative each week at Hudson Panera's from 6-7 p.m.



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