TRIP Tuition Reduction Program

Families can save money on tuition simply by using gift cards purchased at school to do everyday shopping! Each gift card contains  a percentage rebate which has a portion credited to your family's TRIP account at Seton. With each gift card purchased, you build up TRIP credits to be applied toward tuition. Just use these gift cards instead of cash when doing your daily shopping and save money on tuition! You can select from over 200 merchants.

New to the TRIP Program?

Trip School Schedule 2016-17

TRIP orders due by 3:30 pm on Tuesday each week and are delivered the following week on Wednesday.

Pick-up TRIP orders after 12:00 pm on Wednesday each week. 

First week to place orders: August 23 with first delivery on August 31.


            Last TRIP order for pick up before Thanksgiving:  November 16

            No TRIP orders or delivery Thanksgiving week:  November 23-25

            TRIP Orders placed the week before Thanksgiving will take
            two weeks to be delivered to school on (December 7).


            Last order placed before Christmas:   December 6

            Last order pickup before Christmas:   December 14

            First 2017 TRIP orders placed:             January 4

Spring Break:

            No TRIP orders placed or delivered the week of Spring Break.

            Orders placed the week before Spring Break will take two weeks to receive.

School Ends:

            Last order placed for end of school:    May 16, 2017

            Last order delivery (only) end of school:        May 24, 2017


We would like to announce the availability of TRIP E-Certificates for the upcoming school year! We are so excited to be able to offer next day email delivery of TRIP to your family for some of your favorite merchants!

What is an E-Certificate?

    *E-Certificates are received by email the next day! Families can place their order using the E- Certificate order form and include it with a check and their usual TRIP order in the TRIP box each week.  The E-Certificate will be emailed to them the next day, Thursday, by 9 pm!

    *The E-Certificate can be printed out and used in paper form at any retailer, or the email can be on your phone and scanned by the retailer.

What are the advantages of an E-Certificate?

    *Next day delivery is a huge advantage with E-Certificates! No waiting until the next week to receive and use your gift card.

    *The E-Certificate can also be emailed to a friend or family member simply by forwarding the email. We have finally solved the problem of getting TRIP certificates to your family and friends without the risk of loss through the mail system.

How do I pay for and order E-Certificates?

    *Our ordering and payment system are the same as with regular TRIP orders.  For now, we are still paying by check and putting your order in the TRIP box at school each Wednesday morning. You will still receive your   physical TRIP gift cards that you order the next Wednesday as you have been in the past. You will see a second label on your TRIP gift card envelope noting your E-Certificate credits earned. 

Click here for E-Certificates procedures and click here for order form. You can start ordering E-Certificates with your next TRIP order placed!


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