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Donations to the Seton Library

Thanks, thanks and more thanks to all those families who have donated books to our library through the Celebration Book Club or just out of kindness.

Join the Celebration Book Club

Would you like to join the Celebration Book Club, too? It is so easy to do! You may go to the Learned Owl and purchase a book to donate (be sure to ask the salesperson for the Seton Catholic School Wish List), you may come to the Seton library and select a pre-purchased book, or you may just send a check for $15.00 to the school and the selection can be done independently by your child (you can even send your check now and I will keep track of your child’s event and contact him/her during the appropriate month). Information sheets about the program with a permission slip attached are available in the library – please have your student pick one up if you are interested in participating! WE ESPECIALLY NEED DONATIONS FOR OUR OLDER STUDENTS - NO CHILD IS EVER “TOO OLD” FOR A CELEBRATION BOOK!

Are you a fan of the Chinaberry Book Catalog? If you are, you know that many of their books reflect the values that are an important part of the Seton School philosophy, and therefore many of the books in the catalog would make wonderful donations to our library. If you are interested in purchasing from the catalog as a Celebration Book donation, please contact me to be sure that your selection is not a duplication of something we already own. For more information on the Chinaberry Book Company, go to

Library VIPs

Being a Library VIP is fun! VIPs get to be first in line at the check-out desk and on waiting lists for new materials and get to check out extra books at each library visit. Being a VIP for a month is now one of the rewards that can be selected for completing a Just Read bookmark, so all students have a chance to enjoy this special privilege.

"Just Read" Bookmarks

The "Just Read Program" rewards students for independently reading books appropriate to their age and tested level. Grades One and Two must read 10 books, grades Three through Five - 5 books and grades Six through Eight  - 3 books to receive a Reward Certificate. A certificate entitles the student to choose from the following privileges: a dress casual day, permission to go out to lunch with parents off campus, a wear a hat to school day, a $5.00 gift certificate to the Learned Owl, a homework pass from a teacher, or a month of Library VIP status.

Seton Reads! Librarian, Miss Lisa Garrison, 



"Seton Catholic School is a very special place. Our daily activities are firmly rooted in the traditions of our Catholic faith, daily prayer, the celebration of the sacraments, living the Gospel values, and providing service to others." - Karen Alestock, Principal