1% Campaign

1% Campaign

Ensuring the future of Seton Catholic School is the commitment of our Principal and Board of Directors. One way you can do that is by supporting our 1% Campaign. You have the ability to unlock future income, while providing hope for the future of our school. By transferring 1% ownership of your life insurance policy to Seton Catholic School, you provide a future financial benefit to our school and receive an income tax deduction. 

On behalf of Seton Catholic School and at no cost to you or our school, this new campaign is being managed by Matt LaFountain at Edward Jones Investments. To learn more about giving to the 1% Campaign, please fill out the strictly confidential form below, or you may contact Mr. LaFountain at 330-650-0803 or via email at matt.lafountain@edwardjones.com

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Make Sure Your Estate Lasts

You might be worried that by including a gift to a charitable organization in your estate plans there will be less assets left for children, family and friends. While some estate gifts are passed on with a heavy tax percentage, others can be passed down income tax–free. When you name Seton Catholic School the beneficiary of 1% of your retirement plan assets and leave other less-taxed assets to your children, you can positively impact Seton Catholic School and leave more for loved ones.

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"We are grateful on a daily basis that somehow we were led to Seton. Our long one-way commute often involves multiple trips. With the demanding commitment the travel time has placed on our family, not one of us has ever questioned the value of what we get from Seton and why we are making the commitment." - Seton Parent