Annual Report

Almost twenty years ago, our community came together and with great faith, founded our amazing school.  Today, because of continued community support, we are a thriving and inspiring Catholic school.  

The 2013-14 Annual Report to the Community recaps the 2013-14 academic year from an organizational viewpoint.

In this report, you will find information about the governing Board of Directors, Faculty and Staff, and select events that greatly advanced the mission of the school.  There is particular attention given to our donors.

The 2014-15 Annual Report to the Community.

Thank you!




"A Catholic education to so many may embody only the stereotypical image of uniforms, prayers, strict rules and teachers. However, if that is as much as you desire to know about all that a Catholic education is, then you are simply depriving yourself of the reason, the drive, the love, the care, the reality that is behind any stereotype. Stereotypes are for people who have been blinded by mediocrity; Seton opened my eyes and gave me sight." - Seton Alumnus