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Events for August 2015

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August 5Seton Office Hours  
  9 am to 2 pm from August 5 through August 14  
August 10"Get the Scoop"  
  New Students and Families and Mentoring Families event...6 pm Liturgy followed by ice cream social in the Multi-Purpose Room  
  Recycled Uniform Sale  
  5 to 8 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room  
  PTO School Supply Pick-up  
  5 to 8 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room  
  Seton Clothing Store Gym Uniform Sales  
  5 to 8 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room  
  Class Lists Posted on the Website  
  3 pm  
August 11Recycled Uniform Sale, Gym Uniform Sale, PTO School Supply Sale Pick-up  
  9 am to Noon  
August 13Family Drop-In  
  Students & Families Drop-In to Visit Classrooms 3 to 5 pm  
August 17Regular School Office Hours Begin  
  8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday during school year  
  Parent Orientation for Kindergarten  
  6 pm - Parents of Kindergarten Students  
  Parent Orientation for Middle School  
  6 pm - Parents of Students in Grades 6, 7, & 8  
August 19First Day of School for Grades 1 through 8  
  Kindergarten Students & Parents Drop-In  
  9 to 11 am  


"What is it that makes Seton so great? Is it the way our Principal knows each student by name? The mission statement and prayer read each morning? The birthday greeting in the announcements? The sense of holiness that resonates throughout the school because the Chapel is a step away from the classroom? The genuine student engagement in school Masses? I say it is all of these things and much more!" - Seton Parent