Faculty & Staff

2018-2019 Faculty & Staff Members

Seton has a wonderful, dedicated faculty and staff and a community of families who share a commitment to the tradition and legacy a Catholic education can provide for their children.


 Mrs. Karen A. Alestock                                                                   Mrs. Annie Deemer




Mrs. Karen A. Alestock Principal
Mrs. Annie Deemer

Assistant Principal /

Middle School Administrator

Mrs. Lee Dupay School Secretary
Mrs. Patricia Fritz Director of Admissions & Communications
Mrs. Susan Figler Director of Development
Mrs. Mary Lindow Director of Finance
Mrs. Bibiana Seislove Director of Campus Ministry

Faculty & Staff


Mrs. Chris Rybka K-A Teacher
Mrs. Cindy Seither K-A Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Mary Ann Love
K-B Teacher
Mrs. Chelly Switka
K-B Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Brittany Chin
1-A Teacher
Mrs. Alison McKenna
1-A Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Laura Zaleski
1-B Teacher
Mrs. Rebecca Schapel
1-B Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Megan Ober
2-A Teacher
Mrs. Anne Pauley
2-B Teacher
Mrs. Kathy Juda 2-A, 2-B Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Laurie Moore
2-A , 2-B, 3-A, 3-B Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Phyllis Rose
3-A Teacher
Mrs. Patricia Zuponcic
3-B Teacher
Mrs. Margery Wright
4-A Teacher
Mrs. Kimberly Lefoer
4-B Teacher
Mrs. Amy Mineo 3-A, 3-B, 4-A, 4-B Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Christina Roppel
5-A Teacher
Miss Hannah Mueller
5-B Teacher
Mrs. Mary Beth Furman
6-A Teacher
Ms. Nicole Winiecki
6-B Teacher
Dr. Anne Schoeffler
7-A Homeroom/Science
Miss Sarah Jackson
7-B Homeroom/Language Arts
Mrs. Bibiana Seislove
8th Grade Religion Teacher
Mrs. Christina Booker
8-A Homeroom/Math
Mrs. Christine Bielecki
8-B Homeroom
Mrs. Kristan Heller
5th Grade Teaching Assistant
Director of Crusader Care (extended day)
Mr. Jim Allen



Mr. William Black
Instrumental Music Teacher
Mrs. Jessica Chmura
Art Teacher
Mrs. Rome Fiedler
Instructional Technology Teacher
Miss Lisa Garrison
Mrs. Jennifer Morris
General and Vocal Music Teacher
Mr. Sean Morris Liturgy Musician
Mrs. Anne Wright
Spanish Teacher
Mr. Rich Grega
Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. Patricia Long Sacristan

Auxiliary Services Staff


Auxiliary Clerk
Speech Pathologist
Mrs. Judy Hartle
Resource Teacher
Mrs. Suzy Evans
Mrs. Carrie Hagquist
Mrs. Heidi Srinivasan
Health Aide
Mrs. Amanda Jonard
School Psychologist
Mrs. Therese Stepanek
Advanced Math Teacher



"Our children are happy and thriving, not to mention spiritually and academically enriched at Seton." - Seton Parent